Welcome to NH Motor Vehicle Kiosk presented to you by the Town of Boscawen, NH.

This web site provides New Hampshire residents with an easy way to estimate the costs of registering their motor vehicles. We do this by matching your vehicle to similar vehicles in our database of actual Registrations and providing you with both the average cost and the highest cost for those similar vehicles.

What Types of Transactions Can You Estimate?

With this tool you can estimate the State and Local fees for Registrations for cars, light trucks, motorcycles, utility trailers , and farm tractors for:

  • A New Registration for a new or used vehicle you recently purchased (or are considering purchasing).
  • A Registration Renewal for a vehicle you have previously registered.

If you are estimating the cost for a New Registration you will need to know important details about the vehicle to be registered. Typically this includes the vehicle’s manufacturer, model, and model year, but in some case you may need to know the vehicles list price (MSRP), and Gross Vehicle Weight. Also, if you plan to transfer the License Plates from a vehicle for which you currently have a valid Registration you may be eligible for a credit on your New Registration. However, in order for us to calculate your credit, you will need to have your current Registration with you to provide important information during the process.

If you are estimating the cost for a Registration Renewal you will need to have the current Registration with you in order to provide important information during the process.

What type of Registration would you like to estimate?